Dr Pete Falloon

Dr Pete Falloon manages a team of scientists who work with and develop integrated models for climate change impacts. This work includes agriculture, ecosystems, water resources and urban areas.

Current activities

Pete leads the Climate Impacts Modelling (CIM) group, a group of eight scientists developing specific aspects of the Met Office Hadley Centre's integrated modelling system. Pete is  also responsible for linking with other areas of related model development carried out in other groups in the Met Office and elsewhere. His job oversees the research of the group members, ensures the different model development areas contribute to the overall model development in a co-ordinated way, and links to related developments outside of the group. The CIM group is part of the Climate Impacts team, which also includes the Climate Consultancy and Climate Impacts Analysis groups. A key role of Pete's job is also to build further on established links with these groups to ensure effective pull-through of the science to meet the needs of a variety of government and commercial customers. The team's main work areas include agriculture, ecosystems, water resources and flooding and urban areas and their interactions with the changing climate.

Pete's own interests include soil (especially carbon), water, agriculture, land use and climate interactions. His job involves developing and testing the Met Office Hadley Centre Earth Systems Models (mainly Climate configurations of the Met Office Unified Model (MetUM) e.g. HadGEM1, HadGEM2-ES) for climate impacts, covering soil, vegetation, hydrology, water resources and other aspects.  Much of the team's development work is done using the UK Joint Environment Simulator (JULES) before new models are built into the global Earth Systems Models. Particular models which Pete is involved with include the global river routing model TRIP which has been included in the HadGEM family of earth systems models, and the RothC and ECOSSE soil carbon and nitrogen models.
Pete leads Hadley Centre contributions to a number of external projects, and contributes to many others. A list of recent examples is given below:

Career background

Dr Pete Falloon has over 17 years of experience in modelling environmental systems.  He has a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science of the Earth and Atmosphere from the University of Reading, and worked on modelling pesticide fate in riverine systems during an MSc (Research) and part-time lectureship the University of Greenwich. Pete moved to Rothamsted Research in 1996, where he worked on modelling soil, climate and vegetation interactions for 8 years and was awarded a PhD from the University of Nottingham in 2001.
He has written numerous peer-reviewed papers and book chapters on soil carbon dynamics, land use change and the impacts of climate change, and given many invited and offered presentations both in the UK and internationally.
Pete has been working on the impacts of climate and land use change on hydrology, soils and agriculture at the Met Office Hadley Centre since 2004. He spent six months on secondment to the Communications Team as Climate Science Advisor in 2007/8, and currently manages six scientists in the Climate Impacts Model Development group, working on academic, government and commercial research and consultancy projects.

At Rothamsted Research, Pete previously worked on the following projects:

External recognition

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Last updated: 4 April 2014

About Pete Falloon

Areas of expertise:

  • Soils (particularly carbon and nitrogen cycling)
  • Ecosystems
  • Agriculture (particularly greenhouse gas fluxes and land management)
  • Water resources

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