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Rosemary Eade

Rosemary works on monthly to decadal climate prediction with a particular emphasis on climate extremes and tropical storms.

Areas of expertise:

  • decadal climate prediction and variability;

  • climate extremes;

  • Atlantic tropical storms;

  • assessment of forecast skill.

Publications by Rosemary Eade

Current activities

Rosemary's work involves investigation into the potential for seamless predictions of climate extremes and tropical storm activity on monthly to decadal time scales, using ensemble predictions from the Met Office Decadal Prediction System, Met Office decadal prediction system: DePreSys.

The current focus for climate extremes is on temperature extremes throughout the globe and precipitation extremes in Europe. The aim of this work is to assess the skill of forecasts of extremes, and develop methods to represent uncertainty within these forecasts, eventually leading to new and innovative operational forecast products.

The current focus for tropical storm activity is the prediction of the number of Tropical North Atlantic storms using a tropical storm tracking method currently being developed at the Met Office. The aim is to provide single-season tropical storm forecasts with more than 6 months lead time, and also to predict changes on multi-annual time scales.

Career background

Rosemary joined the Met Office Hadley Centre in 2008 as a member of the Monthly to Decadal Prediction group. Prior to that, Rosemary did the Atmospheric Science MSc at the University of East Anglia, following on from a BSc in Mathematics from Cambridge University, and worked briefly as a research assistant for the British Antarctic Survey.

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