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Dr Simon Vosper

Simon is the Head of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations.

Simon is the Head of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations and conducts research into improving the representation of orography and gravity wave processes in forecast and climate models.

Current activities

Simon is the Strategic Head of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations, whose purpose is to improve weather forecasting and climate modelling capabilities through better representation of physical processes in the atmosphere.

The main responsibilities of Atmospheric Processes and Parametrizations are:

  • development of the physical parametrizations in weather and climate models;
  • developing understanding of physical processes in the atmosphere using models and observations;
  • provision of advice on model performance and products related to physical processes;
  • consultancy related to our expertise in atmospheric physics.

Simon's research interests include the development of high resolution models and a wide range of atmospheric phenomena such as the influence of orography (mountains and hills) on the atmosphere, including orographic drag and drag parametrization, internal gravity-wave processes, rotors and downslope windstorms, orographic influences on clouds and precipitation and stable boundary-layer flows in complex terrain. His work has led to the development of new forecasting tools for atmospheric lee waves and rotors such as 3DVOM. This is used operationally within the Met Office to forecast lee waves and related gustiness across the UK.

Simon also provides support to Met Office Consultancy projects. Recent examples include studies of the potential impacts of mining on local climatology and the development of new techniques for the assessment of wind climatology for renewable energy.

Career background

Simon joined the Met Office in 2001 as a research scientist. Prior to this he was based at the University of Leeds as a postdoctoral research fellow, latterly funded by the NERC postdoctoral fellowship scheme.

Simon completed a PhD on the behaviour of orographic internal gravity waves at the Department of Applied Mathematical Studies, University of Leeds in 1995. Following this he worked as a postdoctoral research fellow on a number of projects at the School of Earth and Environment at the University of Leeds and at the University of Surrey. His experience includes participation in and coordination of field measurement programmes, fluid dynamical laboratory experiments and numerical modelling.

External Recognition

  • Simon was awarded the L.F. Richardson Prize in 2005. The L.F. Richardson prize is awarded annually for an outstanding paper published in the Royal Meteorological Society journals by an author under the age of 35.

  • Simon was awarded the L.G. Groves Memorial Prize for Meteorology in 2007. This is awarded annually to members of the Met Office and the Royal Navy, Army and RAF for the most important contributions to the science of meteorology, the application of meteorology to aviation or operational meteorology.

  • Simon is a member of the international steering committee for the ICAM and has previously served on the international steering committee for the American Meteorological Society Mountain Meteorology conference.

  • Simon is an Associate Editor for the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society.

  • Simon is a Visiting Professor at School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds.

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