Reliable project delivery

Helping you to protect the health and safety of staff on-site and to aid planning decisions.

Build warning services

Our build warning forecast services are used for the health and safety of staff on-site and to aid planning decisions for weather-sensitive operations such as concrete pouring.

The service incorporates a range of weather parameters, which can be used to assess the safety of conditions and potential delays.

Monthly Outlook

A weather planning tool providing advice out to 30-days ahead for 10 regions of the UK. The forecast presents a range of weather parameters in text format or as a combination of maps and tables. This enables you to plan operations, maintenance and staffing.

NEC (New Engineering Contract) planning averages

The averages report provides a tool to identify potential downtime that you can expect during a contract period. This enables you to develop contingency plans, and project managers to negotiate realistic contracts.

NEC monthly summaries

This summary addresses the NEC requirement which specifies that claims can only be considered when the weather has been 'exceptionally severe'.

The report enables companies to settle NEC contract claims quickly and efficiently, by comparing the period in question with the 30-year average.

NB: Not all NEC stations record snow, in this instance we would supply snow readings from the nearest snow-recording NEC site.

Degree days

Degree day reports measure and report on variations in outside temperatures. They are available for 18 regions across the UK and are compiled monthly. They can used by building designers to plan and monitor energy efficiency and heating systems depending on weather conditions.

Downtime summaries

This report highlights the elements which exceed an operational threshold, and for how long. The data provided can then be compared against long-term averages to form a trusted baseline for comparison which can help with contract issues and site operations.

More information on all these products can be found in our Provider catalogue Provider catalogue (PDF, 234 kB) .

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Last updated: 22 May 2012