Pre-build and site preparation

Plan operations and projects more efficiently.

Climate summary

Monthly averages and extremes at a specific station are produced for a 10-day period using archived Met Office data.

The annual summary presents a total or average (as appropriate) of each element, including dates and times of maximum and minimum amounts.

Climate estimate

These estimates are formulated from a combination of data from station observations.

Where relevant, and possible, the effects of altitude, urban areas and proximity to the coast are taken into account. These estimates can be used to assess viability of a location for project planning.

Tower crane forecasts

The tower crane forecast is an essential safety requirement for cranes. The site-specific forecast provides you with the mean and gust wind speeds at required heights and wind direction for the next five days.

This enables you to:

  • identify weather windows to plan lifts with confidence
  • provide the best possible health and safety for staff while lifting

Six-day forecast

An easy-to-use site-specific forecast that can help save you time and money.

It can help you identify opportunities or threats in the weather that will impact on your business.

Risk-based forecast

This daily forecast provides a risk assessment on the probability of heavy rain, high winds, freezing temperatures and thaw out to six days across eight UK regions.

It can help you to:

  • manage resources;
  • improve health and safety;
  • plan operations in advance of weather events;
  • assess uncertainty thresholds to enable swift and confident decision-making.

Ten-day forecast

A bespoke general purpose forecast out to 10 days for any region of the UK, helping you to plan operations and resources.

Available in three versions (standard, enhanced and bespoke) it offers forecasts for requested parameters. Customisations can include specific sites, regional historical averages and forecaster input.

More information on all these products can be found in our Provider catalogue Provider catalogue (PDF, 234 kB) .

If you have a more specific request not covered by the products on these pages, contact our Customer Centre.

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Last updated: 16 August 2012