Wholesale data

Our wholesale data comprises of a selection of data for use by expert users in the production of value added products and services

Our wholesale data is generated specifically for expert users such as weather broadcasters/publishers and service providers.

What wholesale data is available?

Wholesale data can be broadly split into five types:

  • NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) Models
  • Observational data
  • Rainfall
  • Lightning strike detection
  • Satellite data

NWP (Numerical Weather Prediction) Models

We offer a range of different NWP Models to provide data that meets your needs. Find out more about our Numerical Weather Prediction model data.

Observational data

We can provide observational weather data from UK and global marine observations.


Rainfall radar data is available in a Met Office digital format (NIMROD) for which decodes are freely available. Our rainfall radar products cover the UK, Ireland and much of Europe.

Lightning strike detection

The Met Office system which produces the lightning location data is known as ATDNet (Arrival Time Difference Network). The ATDNet system is an automatic thunderstorm location network comprising seven autonomous outstations across Europe to sense lightning flashes over a wide and variable geographical area. The system is vertically polarised to detect mainly cloud to ground lightning.

We can provide coverage for global, European and UK & Ireland domains.

Satellite data

The Met Office Data Wholesaling Manager is the UK Licensing Agent for EUMETSAT satellite data. Commercial entities and organisations who are domiciled in the UK can obtain a license according to the conditions set by EUMETSAT. Educational and amateur users can register directly with EUMETSAT and obtain free electronic licences.

Why choose our wholesale data?

  • The Met Office is a global leader for supplying accurate core weather data
  • Our advancements in science mean that our four-day forecasts are now as accurate as our one-day forecasts were 30 years ago
  • 24/7 technical support to avoid any interruptions


We are a member of ECOMET, an Economic Interest Grouping, under Belgian law, located in Brussels and created in 1995. All data that can be used commercially is available under the ECOMET licence and listed in the ECOMET catalogue. 

What is the cost of wholesale data?

Owing to the wide range of wholesale data available, data is priced according to the wholesale data catalogue. Extraction, handling, distribution and delivery costs may apply.

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Last updated: 23 December 2015