Insurance and Capital Markets

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  1. Satellite image of storm Met Office Euro Windstorm Hazard Maps and Historical Windstorm Catalogue can help reduce risk by increasing understanding of hazard at a local level
  2. Risk Modelling Historical windstorm footprints and stochastic event set for risk research and model validation
  3. Extreme Event Alerts, forecasts and analysis for insurers responding to extreme events

Insurance and Capital Markets

Natural hazard is the least predictable element of the risk calculation

Climate research indicates an increase in the frequency of extreme events, so an independent expert view is increasingly helpful in risk pricing and validation of catastrophe modelling approaches.

The Met Office provides leading meteorological hazard insight to reinsurers, insurers, traders and brokers. Commercially available services include:

  • Windstorm hazard maps for underwriting and portfolio management.
  • Historical windstorms and event set for risk modelling and capital reserving.
  • Alerts and high resolution forecasts of incoming storm events, for operations and loss forecasting.
  • Forecast scenarios with probabilities for trading weather sensitive stocks.

New: Euro Windstorm Hazard Maps Met Office releases high resolution hazard mapping covering the whole of Europe (PDF, 297 kB)

The Met Office can also undertake climate and weather impact investigations tailored to specific financial contexts, as well as detailed modelling and analysis following a major event.

For more information on our commercial services, please contact the team on 01392 885680 or

Last updated: 9 November 2015

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