Putting sustainability on the weather map.

Whether you act in an environmentally-friendly way, seek to encourage community spirit or strive for economic stability, the premise of sustainability is the foundation to modern day lifestyles. It's about meeting the needs of the present generation, without compromising the needs of future generations.

At the Met Office we are using our climate knowledge to change the way climate change is perceived, aiding international collaboration on both academic and personal levels, and promoting the use of innovative climate-sensitive sustainability solutions to improve the way in which live.  To see some of the prime examples of our work, click on the related article options to the right.

Can the Met Office do more?

Sustainability should be implicit in everything an organisation stands for and make people feel good to be associated with, whether owner, customer, supplier and employee.  See our Values and principles 2015 Values and principles (PDF, 604 kB)

Given the ever changing nature of the world, the Met Office continuously seeks to adapt its sustainability agenda by asking 'what are we truly contributing to the well-being of society?' As a world leading weather and climate organisation, we aim to continuously and consistently contribute to societal stability by supporting innovative and beneficial ways to ensure a sustainable future.

At Met Office HQ, we promote sustainability on a daily basis, through four key themes: environment, community, our people and suppliers and customers.

Sustainability thumb

Every time you see this green hand, it represents a sustainability target that we have set to meet behaviours expected by our stakeholders, central government and ourselves as a world leading weather and climate service.

Last updated: 14 May 2015