The Boat Race

Putney Bridge

The Boat Race is an annual race that has been taking place between the prestigious universities of Oxford and Cambridge since 1829.

The 2013 race was won by Oxford by 1 1/3 lengths. This was their sixth win over Cambridge in the last 10 years. Cambridge have won 81 races compared to Oxford's 77.

Thousands of supporters will line the course along the River Thames to cheer on the teams for the start of the race at 17.55.


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6 April - Will 2014 be the year for Oxford or Cambridge? Check the London weather forecast.

The crews

The boat race is contested between two teams. Each member of the team has to attend either of the two competing universities. Cambridge race in light blue, while Oxford compete in dark blue.

Each team has a crew of 28 members, however, only nine will make the boat on race day. The crews also include a cox, who sits facing the rowers, shouting encouragement and informing the rowers of the progress of the competition. The cox will also be the smallest and lightest person on the boat. The other eight members of the crew will have put in months of training, regularly rowing the four miles and 374 yards.

More than 250,000 people line the course to cheer on the rowing eights, while millions more watch it on the television. Two Boat Race in the Park events have also been set up in Bishop's Park, Fulham and Furnivall Gardens, Hammersmith for spectators to watch the whole event. Both locations are alongside the race's Tideway course, making for great spectator locations.

Check the official Boat Race website for up-to-date team information. 

The Boat Race and the weather

The Boat Race and the weather Boat Race weather infographic


 Will the rowers and spectators be bathed in sunshine or will one of the teams take a dunk in the Thames? Check the London weather forecast to find out.You can check the weather forecast for other events through the events calendar.

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