The 2014 Dartmoor Challenge


The 2014 Dartmoor Challenge takes place over the weekend of 13-14 September in aid of ShelterBox.

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that delivers emergency aid to people affected by disaster worldwide.

The Dartmoor Challenge event is a two day sponsored challenge where teams of four navigate their way across a 30 mile Dartmoor course.

The teams carry with them a ShelterBox and all the kit they will need to survive the two days on Dartmoor.

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13-14 September - Check the Dartmoor weather forecast if you are taking part in this year's Dartmoor Challenge for ShelterBox

Weather can be very changeable on Dartmoor so teams will need to be conscious of the conditions over the weekend and make decisions accordingly.

For further information about the event, check the  Shelterbox official website.  

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