Olympic Games - Artistic gymnastics

The artistic gymnastics takes place at the North Greenwich Arena in London.

The London 2012 artistic gymnastic competition will take place between the 28 July and 7 August at the North Greenwich Arena.

One of the most popular competitions on the Olympic Games programme, gymnasts will display great strength, flexibility and control.

Artistic gymnastics has appeared in every Olympics programme since the first event in 1896 and was regularly contested at the ancient Olympics.

Originally a competition for men only, the women's competition was included at the Olympics in 1928.

Gymnasts will be scored by a judging panel on their skill, athleticism and agility. Athletes that successfully complete more difficult moves and routines will score higher marks. Gymnasts have points deducted for mistakes on each piece of apparatus.

At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, the host nation topped the artistic gymnastics medals table with a total of 14 medals, nine of which were Gold. 

Great Britain won one Bronze medal at the Olympic Games in Beijing.  

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28 July - 7 August - Check the weather forecast if you're travelling to see the artistic gymnastics at the North Greenwich Arena.

There are 14 medal events in the artistic gymnastics, either competed by individuals, or a team.

Men compete on six pieces of apparatus:

  • Floor
  • Pommel horse
  • Rings
  • Vault
  • Parallel bars
  • Horizontal bars

The women's competition consists of four pieces of apparatus:

  • Vault
  • Uneven bars
  • Balance beam
  • Floor

Medals will be awarded for individual competitions on the apparatus; there is also an all-around competition where gymnasts are marked on each piece of apparatus as well as a team competition.