Olympic Games - Athletics

The weather plays a major part in athletic events.

Athletics events at Olympic Games are always among the most popular with spectators.

There are 47 different athletic events taking place at the London 2012 Olympics:

  • 24 track events with 12 for men and 12 for women
  • 5 road races
  • 16 field events
  • 2 combined events - the decathlon for men and the heptathlon for women

In total, 2,000 athletes will compete for 141 medals at the London 2012 Olympics; all hoping to take Gold for their country.

Most of the athletic events will take place at Olympic Park. However, the road races will take place around the streets of central London, finishing on The Mall.

Check the five day weather forecast for the Olympic Park or The Mall if you are going to see any of the Olympic events.

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3 - 12 August - Will new world records be set during the athletic events at the London 2012 Olympics? Check the weather forecast for the Olympic Games.

The weather can greatly affect the results of athletic events.

For example, some athletes prefer to train in warmer climates and/or at higher altitudes as exposure to these conditions over time can help improve their performance at athletic events.

Different weather conditions also influence the results of athletic events. For sprint events, air resistance plays a major part in an athlete's performance - wind speed can either help or hinder athletes, depending on its direction. For this reason, the results of any races that take place with a tailwind of more than two metres per second are not eligible for world records.

Temperatures affect middle distance runners more than sprinters. Middle distance running events that take place in warmer conditions have the greatest impact on athletes as their muscles tire at a much faster rate; which is why athletes can benefit from training in warmer climates. In contrast, cooler temperatures mean that muscles take much longer to warm up and affect an athlete's performance in different ways.

Met Office forecaster, Dave Britton gives a brief summary of the forecast for Sunday evening's 100m final in a world record time of 9.58 seconds. Can any of the competitors on Sunday evening run faster than Dave can present the weather?

Men's 100m Final Olympic Weather Forecast

Team GB medal hopefuls in athletic events at the London 2012 Olympics include:

  • Jessica Ennis
  • Phillips Idowu
  • Dai Greene