Olympic Games - Cycling - Mountain biking

Cathkin Braes in Glasgow will be the home of the mountain biking at Glasgow 2014.

Mountain biking has been an Olympic sport since 1996 and continues to build momentum as the event grows in popularity with the public.

The London 2012 event will take place at the newly designed course at Hadleigh Farm in Essex over two days. There are no heats, all athletes start together and complete laps of the course, the first to cross the finish line is crowned Olympic champion and takes Gold.

In total 80 athletes - 50 men and 30 women - will complete the 4.7 km track, cycling over rocky terrain and negotiating their way down fast descents.

At the Beijing Games in 2008, France took both the Gold and Silver medals in the men's event. Germany took the Gold medal in the women's mountain biking event and Poland won the Silver medal.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast during the lead up to the event to see how the weather will affect the conditions of the course.

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11 - 12 August - Check the forecast for Hadleigh Farm if you are watching the mountain biking at the London Olympics.

Mountain biking and the weather

Athletes will not only be looking at the weather conditions for the day of the Olympic mountain biking event but also the forecast before the race.

The ground conditions will play an important part in the race. If it has been wet in the lead up to the race, it can leave the course slippery and muddy, making riders more cautious as they complete the course.

If the conditions have been dry, it will make the ground much harder, making the race faster but dry conditions can also leave the course dusty, reducing visibility.