Olympic Games - Diving

The divers will be hoping not to make a splash at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in 2014 Games.

Divers will be performing tucks and pikes and hoping to cleanly enter the water without creating a splash at the diving events at this year's Olympic Games in London.

Diving takes place in the Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park in London where more than 130 athletes will be hoping to take home a medal for their country in one of eight disciplines:

  • Women's synchronised 3 m springboard.
  • Men's synchronised 3 m platform.
  • Women's synchronised 10 m platform.
  • Men's synchronised 10 m platform.
  • Women's 3 m springboard.
  • Men's 3 m springboard.
  • Women's 10 m platform.
  • Men's 10 m platform. 

Check the five day weather forecast for the Olympic Park when making plans for your journey. 

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29 July - 11 August - Will the weather be making a splash outside the Aquatic Centre as well as the divers inside? Check the forecast.

Seven judges will be on hand to mark each dive, giving a score out of ten. The two highest and two lowest scores are discarded and the remaining three are added up. The number is then multiplied by the difficulty tariff to give the final score of the dive.

The greater the difficulty of the dive, the higher the points. However this brings more risk to the diving and means the divers have to be even more accurate and precise.

Team GB hopeful Tom Daley will look to improve on his Olympic position from Beijing in 2008 to take to the podium on home turf. Tom was 14 when he first competed in the Olympics and will have just turned 18 for the start of London 2012.