Olympic Games - Modern pentathlon

Fencing is the first of four events in the modern pentathlon at the Olympic Games.

The modern pentathlon is the only sport on the Olympic programme designed by the founder of the modern Games specifically for the Olympics.

The event will be celebrating 100 years of inclusion in the Olympic programme as it made its debut at the Stockholm Games in 1912. The women's competition was added at the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.

The event was invented from a story of a French soldier delivering a message. To complete the mission he had to ride on horseback, swim, fence, shoot and run.

The modern pentathlon is contested over a single day and will take place over a number of Olympic venues:

  • Copper Box will host the fencing.
  • Aquatic Centre will host the swimming.
  • Greenwich Park hosts the horse riding and the combined run and shoot event.

Athletes start with the fencing competition where they compete against all the other athletes. The competitors then complete a 200 m freestyle swim followed by a 12 jump horse riding course. Each of these elements are scored, the total score of the first three elements are totalled and converted into a time handicap before moving on to the combined shoot and run. The athletes are required to shoot five targets within 70 seconds three times and then run 1,000 m three times. 

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11 - 12 August - Check the five day forecast for the London venues hosting the modern pentathlon at the Olympic Games.

The men's modern pentathlon competition takes place on Saturday 11 August and the women's competition takes place on Sunday 12 August.

If you are travelling to see any of the modern pentathlon competitions check the forecast for each of the London venues.

In the first women's competition at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 Great Britain won the Gold medal and at the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Team GB won a women's Silver medal.