Paralympic Games - Archery

The archery events will be taking place at The Royal Artillery Barracks.

The archery events at the Paralympic Games will take place at The Royal Artillery Barracks in a custom built temporary grandstand.

Archery is one of the original Paralympic games having started in Mandeville hospital in 1948, and was subsequently first introduced in the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960.

Athletes shoot from a distance at a target marked with ten scoring zones and compete in both individual and team rounds, the participants of which are chosen according to their initial ranking round scorings. In total, 140 athletes will compete in nine medal events.

Check the weather forecast for The Royal Artillery Barracks if you have tickets to see the archery events at London 2012.

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30 August - 5 September - Will the conditions favour the archers at this year's Paralympic Games? Check the forecast for the weather at the Royal Artillery Barracks.

The Paralympic Archery event is relatively similar in format to its Olympic counterpart. The overall aim is to shoot a close to the target as possible and athletes are classified into three functional classes in which the Paralympic archers compete: open, standing and wheelchair.

Team GB's Danielle Brown has been placed among the favourites to win, after not only winning Gold in the Beijing games but also repeating that success in the able bodied 2010 Commonwealth Games and 2011 World Championships.