Paralympic Games - Swimming

Check the forecast if you are travelling to the Aquatics Centre.

The Paralympic swimming events will take place in the highly anticipated Aquatics Centre.

Each athlete is classified based on their functional ability to perform each stroke. With 600 athletes competing, swimming will be the second biggest event at the Paralympics; athletes will be competing for a total of 148 medals in the following events:

  • Freestyle
  • Backstroke
  • Butterfly
  • Breaststroke
  • Medley.

The breaststroke requires considerably more leg propulsion than other strokes so athletes are often classified differently when competing in this event.

Check the forecast for the Olympic Park if you are travelling to see the swimming events at London 2012.

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30 August - 8 September - Check the latest five day forecast if you are travelling to the Aquatics Centre to watch the Paralympic swimming events.

The United States and China are renowned for their strong performances in the swimming events; the US have a long track record of triumph at the Paralympic Games having won a total of 44 medals in the 2008 Beijing games alone, 17 of which were Gold.

Team GB's Eleanor Simmons won two Gold medals at the Beijing 2008 games aged only 13, whilst Dave Roberts has a total of 12 Golds from the last three Paralympic Games. With these two athletes on the GB team, alongside the marked 'ones to watch' Liz Johnson and Matt Walker, Great Britain are in with a strong chance of taking the podium at this summer's Games.