Ten Tors

Dartmoor National Park countryside

Each year, thousands of young people take up the Ten Tors challenge across Dartmoor National Park.

The weather plays a major part in the successful completion of the event for everyone taking part.

Check the Dartmoor National Park forecast before you set off. You can also check river levels and flood warnings with the Environment Agency.

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7-8 May - Will the weather be kind to the students taking part in the Ten Tors challenge? Check the forecast for Dartmoor.

You can also check to see if there have been any weather warnings issued that will affect Dartmoor National Park over the Ten Tors weekend.

To find out further information about the event, visit the Ten Tors website.

The challenge

400 teams of six take part in the challenge to complete the course. There are three different course lengths, depending on the age and ability of the team:

  • 35 miles
  • 45 miles
  • 55 miles

The idea of the challenge is for the teenagers to become self-sufficient for the weekend - carrying everything they'll need for the trek and making their own decisions.

Ten Tors and the weather

Ten Tors 2016 forecast

The weather has played a major part in previous Ten Tors challenges. In 1998, high temperatures meant there was a severe risk of dehydration for the participants. However, two years before that, there were severely low temperatures and Dartmoor National Park was struck by a sleet and snow storm which led to the military having to rescue some of the young people.

Take some time to watch this series of short videos on the skills needed to stay safe both out on the moors and the mountains.

Good luck to all those taking part in this year's event.

The infographic below provides a summary of weather conditions at Okehampton on Dartmoor for the past 16 challenges.

Ten Tors Infographic 2016 Ten Tors Infographic 2016
Data are from the weather station at Okehampton, East Okement  Farm, 408 masl.
Daily rainfall totals and daily maximum temperatures are from 0900 GMT day D to 0900 GMT day D+1
Daily minimum temperatures are from 0900 GMT day D-1 to 0900GMT day D

You can check the weather forecast for other events through the Events Calendar.

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