Tiverton Balloon Festival

Balloons will be taking off twice a day during the Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival

Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival will be held from 10-12 July.

The festival will take place on the combined Petroc/Tiverton High School campus, where last year over 8,000 people visited the event. Featuring up to 30 hot air balloons in the air at any one time, the balloon festival is the biggest of its kind south of Bristol.

Festival-goers can see balloons of all shapes, colours and sizes descend and ascend over the course of the weekend, and even have the opportunity to take to the skies themselves in a Passenger Rides balloon, right at the heart of the action.

As darkness falls on Friday and Saturday, the sky will be lit up with the Night Glow Fire and Light Show, where balloonists will light their burners, inflate their balloons and transform them into glowing lightbulbs, in time with music. On the ground, there is a chance to catch upcoming and popular local bands, who will be providing the soundtrack to the weekend.

Check the Tiverton weather forecast if you are planning to attend Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival.

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10-12 July - Check the Tiverton weather forecast for the balloon festival.

For further information about the balloon festival, visit the official  Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival website.

As you can probably guess, hot air ballooning is very weather dependant. In this video, Arthur Street, Event Director of the Tiverton Balloon and Music Festival, explains what ideal weather conditions he looks for and where he gets his forecasts from.

Hot air ballooning and the weather

For more information on hot air ballooning and the weather go to the Met Office Blog.