Stratocumulus clouds

Stratocumulus clouds consists of large, rounded masses of stratus that form groups, lines or waves.

Symbol: Stratocumulus cloud symbol

Height of base: 1,200 - 6,500 ft

Shape: Cumuliform "lump" at base

Latin: stratus - flattened; cumulus - heap

Precipitation: Light

Stratocumulus cloud

Low-level clumps or patches of cloud varying in colour from bright white to dark grey. They normally have well defined bases and some parts much darker than others. They can be joined together or have gaps between them. Stratocumulus clouds can be present in all types of weather conditions, from dry settled weather to light rain and snow.

Stratocumulus are usually present near a warm, cold or occluded front. Sometimes they can be thick enough to produce light rain or snow.

Similar clouds

  • Cumulus
    The fluffy, cauliflower-shaped cumulus are one of the most common and distinctive types of cloud. All cumulus clouds develop because of convection.

  • Stratus
    Stratus clouds tend to be featureless, low altitude clouds that cover the sky in a blanket of white or grey.

Last updated: 7 August 2014