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yellow Warnings have been issued for the United Kingdom

Lake District

Weather hazards over 300m on Sat 28 Nov 2015

High risk

Gusts of over 50mph are expected throughout the day.
Severe chill effect
Risk of severe chill due to strong wind and precipitation.

Medium risk

Storm force winds
Winds will gust up to 75mph during the middle part of the day.

Low risk

Persistent extensive hill fog
Persistent hill fog down to 500m is possible as the heavier showers move through.
A low risk of heavier showers producing thunder.
Heavy persistent rain
A band of heavy rain showers may persist for a time during the middle of the day.

No risk

Heavy snow
Strong sunlight

Sat 28 Nov 2015

Another chilly day with isolated snow or sleet showers at first. A band of more organised and heavy showers is set to move in during the morning, clearing later in the afternoon. It will be warmer in this band of showers so they will fall mostly as rain, with sleet or snow only expected on the highest peaks. Showers following this band will turn more wintry once again.

0600 to 0900 0900 to 1200 1200 to 1500 1500 to 1800 1800 to 2100 2100 to 2400
Light shower day Heavy shower day Heavy shower day Light shower day Sleet shower night Partly cloudy night
Precipitation probability
70% 80% 70% 60% 60% 30%


Generally good or very good but falling to moderate in any rain showers and poor in any sleet or snow showers.

Hill Fog

Occasional patches down to 500m for the majority of the period, but it will be occasional down to 500m for a time during the middle of the day as the heavier band of showers moves through.

Max wind above 500m

Westerly or southwesterly mean 40-45mph, with gusts of 55-60mph. Becoming 50-55mph with gusts of 75-80mph for a time as the band of showers moves over.


Plus 2 Celsius rising to plus 9 Celsius by mid-afternoon, before falling back down to plus 3 Celsius by late evening.
Around minus 2 Celsius, rising to plus 1 Celsius while the rain affects the park.
Freezing level:
Freezing level around 600m, rising above the summits for a time during the afternoon.

Sun 29 Nov 2015

Isolated snow showers on the peaks at first, before a band of rain or sleet moves in from the south early in the morning. This rain is expected to clear again early in the afternoon with isolated showers of sleet or snow following on behind.


Very good falling to poor in any wintry showers. Becoming moderate for a time as the rain reaches the park.

Hill Fog

Occasional down to 500m associated with the band of rain, becoming occasional patches in wintry showers.

Max wind above 500m

Westerly 40mph gusting 60mph quickly increasing to 50mph gusting 75-80mph.


Plus 3 Celsius rising to plus 10 Celsius during the day. Falling to plus 3 Celsius by the evening.
Around zero Celsius.
Freezing level:
Freezing level around 400-500m rising for a time just above the summits in the morning.

Mon 30 Nov 2015

Mostly dry and cloudy with some heavy rain likely in the south of the park for a few hours early in the afternoon. Strong to gale westerly winds, soon becoming light and variable. Freezing level around 500m, rising above the summits for a time during the day.

Tue 01 Dec 2015

Dry to start, with a band of rain moving in from the southwest during the morning. Light and variable winds becoming moderate southwesterly. Freezing level around 600m to start rising above the summits during the morning.

Wed 02 Dec 2015

Heavy rain at first, this gradually clearing during the morning to be followed by wintry showers. Moderate to strong southwesterly winds. Freezing level above the summits at first falling to around 500m during the afternoon.

Issued at: 0236 on Sat 28 Nov 2015