Mountain Weather forecast - Peak District National Park

The Peak District is home to a wide variety of magnificent hills, moors, outcrops and gritstone edges. The National Park itself covers an area of 1,438 square kilometres with a high point on Kinder Scout of 636 metres. Despite its name, the landscape generally lacks sharp peaks, being characterised by rounded hills and gritstone escarpments.

Despite what its name may suggest, the Peak District is similar in geography to the more gentle Yorkshire Dales. Its highest point is Kinder Scout at 636 metres, although Bleaklow Head (610 metres) and Black Hill (582 metres) offer great alternatives whilst losing little in terms of total elevation.

Black Hill proved to be a huge point of interest for many, with its covering of peat and widespread lack of vegetation giving the peak its name. However, conservation work has transformed the peak so that large areas of the bare peat are now covered with native shrubs.

Whilst the Peak District may lack sharp elevations, the whole area covers huge upland stretches, meaning that much of the National Park is on land that's more than 300 metres above sea level.

The Peak District mountain weather page provides a 5 day weather forecast for many places within the Peak District and the surrounding area, featuring 3 hourly updates on weather conditions for rainfall, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.

Weather Warnings and alerts for the Peak District region are also displayed during periods of severe weather. We warn the public and emergency responders of severe or hazardous weather which has the potential to cause danger to life or widespread disruption through our National Severe Weather Warning Service. Weather warnings are displayed for rain, snow, wind, fog and ice. For more information please view our weather warnings guide page.

Weather hazards over 300m

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Blizzards Heavy snow Storm force winds
Gales Severe chill effect Persistent hill fog
Thunderstorms Heavy persistent rain Strong sunlight