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West Midlands: forecast

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Weather forecast: West Midlands


Staying warm. A few showers possible on Saturday.

This Evening and Tonight:

There will be plenty of warm sunshine to end the day. Mostly dry and clear overnight but low cloud bringing some mist and hill fog could return from the east towards dawn. Winds remaining light. Minimum temperature 15 °C.


A lot of dry, warm weather once again. Some good sunny spells through the morning but cloud will build, bringing the risk of one or two heavy afternoon showers. Maximum temperature 26 °C.

Updated: 1501 on Fri 25 Jul 2014


Outlook for Sunday to Tuesday:

Cooler and cloudier on Sunday with showery outbreaks of rain at times and a freshening breeze. Sunshine and showers on Monday, drier by Tuesday with variable cloud and sunny spells.

Updated: 1501 on Fri 25 Jul 2014


UK Outlook for Wednesday 30 Jul 2014 to Friday 8 Aug 2014:

Many parts will be dry and fine to start this period, although rain or showers look likely to affect the north where it will be cloudier and breezier, with isolated showers in the south. Temperatures should vary from around average in the north to above average in the south, where it may be locally very warm. The start of August looks likely to bring a transition towards less settled conditions, with rain or showers in the north becoming more widespread. However, it will remain on the warm side, especially across the south where the best of any drier, brighter weather is most probable. The weather looks broadly similar for the following week, although there are indications that drier, sunnier periods in the south may become more prevalent.

Updated: 1134 on Fri 25 Jul 2014


UK Outlook for Saturday 9 Aug 2014 to Saturday 23 Aug 2014:

There is greater than average uncertainty concerning the weather through this period. Currently, generally unsettled conditions are likely to continue through the start of this period in the north with cloudy spells and sporadic outbreaks of rain, while the best of the drier, brighter conditions will be in the south and east. Temperatures should remain above average for southeastern parts, but near normal elsewhere.

Updated: 1258 on Fri 25 Jul 2014

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