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West Midlands: forecast

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Weather forecast: West Midlands


Dry and chilly tonight. Fine but increasingly cloudy on Tuesday.

This Evening and Tonight:

A fine evening with some sunshine, and remaining dry overnight. Light winds and clear spells overnight mean it may turn a little chilly, allowing some patchy fog to form in prone spots. Minimum temperature 8 °C.


Once any overnight mist or fog patches clear it should be a bright morning with sunny spells. Perhaps clouding over a little through the day but should stay dry. Maximum temperature 20 °C.

Updated: 1443 on Mon 1 Sep 2014


Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

It will remain largely fine, but often rather cloudy with a few spots of light rain or drizzle possible at times. Feeling warm in any sunny spells.

Updated: 1443 on Mon 1 Sep 2014


UK Outlook for Saturday 6 Sep 2014 to Monday 15 Sep 2014:

Many places dry through the weekend, with variable, but often large amounts of cloud and some bright or sunny spells, but there is an increasing risk of rain or showers spreading across southern and southwestern areas, possibly extending to central areas by the end of Sunday. Into next week, still a good deal of dry weather, especially towards the north, but probably becoming more unsettled from the southwest, with heavy rain possible at times. Light winds at first but becoming breezy from the southwest. Temperatures generally near or a little above average. Into the latter part of next week and beyond, the most likely scenario is for the unsettled conditions to migrate towards the northwest of the UK, with the best of the drier and warmer conditions towards the southeast.

Updated: 1209 on Mon 1 Sep 2014


UK Outlook for Tuesday 16 Sep 2014 to Tuesday 30 Sep 2014:

During mid to late September most regions can expect to see periods of fine weather, with some warm sunshine at times. However, these fine periods may well be interspersed with occasional spells of cloudier, more unsettled conditions bringing showers or longer spells of rain. Northern and western parts are probably most likely to see the more frequent bouts of unsettled weather, whilst southern and eastern parts should see the better fine and dry spells. Daytime temperatures are likely to be above average during fine weather leaving conditions feeling pleasantly warm. Nights, however, may well be on the chilly side. During any unsettled weather daytime temperatures are more likely to be near or below average leaving conditions feeling cool.

Updated: 1232 on Mon 1 Sep 2014

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