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March 2014

March was quite a contrast to the three wet and stormy winter months which preceded it. At times, the weather was dominated by high pressure, particularly around the middle of the month, and there were several warm days giving an early taste of spring. Some areas, most especially western Scotland, did have wetter weather at times.

It was another mild month, with the UK mean temperature 6.7 °C, which is 1.2 °C above the 1981-2010 long-term average, and the number of air frosts was below average. The UK overall received 85% of average rainfall: East Anglia was the driest area, and only a few small areas exceeded their monthly average. It was sunnier than normal everywhere except the west of Northern Ireland; the UK overall received 127% of average sunshine hours.

A maximum temperature of 20.9 °C was recorded at St James's Park (Greater London) and Santon Downham (Suffolk) on the 30th. A minimum temperature of -6.8 °C was recorded at Redesdale Camp (Northumberland) on the 24th. In the 24 hours ending at 0900 GMT on the 20th, 78.8 mm of rain fell at Cluanie Inn (Highland). Wind gusts of 75 mph were recorded at Fair Isle and Sella Ness (Shetland) on the 7th. A snow depth of 7 cm was measured at Spadeadam (Cumbria) at 0900 GMT on the 22nd.

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