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Tailored forecast services to a range of industries operating in the near and offshore marine environment.

Whatever marine industry or environment you work in, we can help you reduce your exposure to risk and uncertainty and give you the confidence to make the right decisions. Our industry experience means we understand the issues the weather presents for you.

Marine forecasts are integral to operational planning. With accurate assessments of the weather and sea-state, you can deploy resources efficiently, safely and on time.

Our Marine Centre of Excellence in Aberdeen provides solutions through critical phases of all types of marine operations. Our marine meteorologists work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide you with the highest standard of service, delivering an accurate and reliable range of weather and metocean information.

To aid longer-term planning, our metocean science consultancy services make use of our hindcast datasets and modelling techniques to provide data, analysis and opinion specific to customer requirements.

Download our brochure: Overview of our services for the offshore industry Overview of offshore products and services (PDF, 413 kB)

Our end-to-end solutions:

Past - look back to plan ahead

Our large and unrivalled archive of weather data can be used for:

  • risk and project feasibility assessment;
  • investment assessment in relation to the marine environment and;
  • settling a dispute or maritime event in response to legal or insurance issues.

Present - improve safety and reduce costs in your daily operations

Our suite of products can provide you with:

  • detailed wind, wave and sea condition forecasts;
  • site specific, tow and route forecasts;
  • telephone access to specialist marine meteorologists on a 24/7 basis;
  • provision of on-site meteorologists during extremely weather sensitive operations and;
  • full global coverage.

Future - access to world-class research and climate change expertise

Our consultants can offer you expert advice on:

  • seasonal forecasts for predicting future downtime;
  • combating climate change through informed asset management and;
  • minimising future risk by using the latest guidance on the impact of storms and extreme weather events.

With our global marine forecasts, you can be sure that you'll stay one step ahead of extreme weather conditions - wherever you are, whatever the marine environment.

For more information on how our marine forecasts can help your operations, call +44 1224 629805. You can also email us on marine@metoffice.gov.uk.

Last updated: 19 February 2016

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