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Climate averages

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Why have we done this?

Long-term averages

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) requires the calculation of averages for consecutive periods of 30 years, with the latest covering the 1961–1990 period. However, many WMO members, including the UK, update their averages at the completion of each decade. Thirty years was chosen as a period long enough to eliminate year-to-year variations.

The latest set of 30-year averages covers the period 1981-2010.

UK climate averages for 1981-2010: summary of key features

These averages help to describe the climate and are used as a base to which current conditions can be compared. Use the links below to see a selection of station, district and regional averages or UK and regional maps for a wide range of weather elements.

Station, district and regional averages 1981–2010

Station, district and regional averages 1971–2000

Station, district and regional averages 1961–1990

UK mapped averages

Regional mapped averages

How the averages were generated

Download a description of the analysis methods used to generate the long-term averages.

More about analysis methods

Climate estimates

Additional station data, the actual gridded data and estimates for any UK location, and any associated charges, can be obtained by contacting our 24-hour Customer Centre.

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