Stylised image of different types of weather above the earth globe.

Business solutions to weather and climate changes

Helping industry make informed decisions and operate safely and efficiently

Our weather and climate understanding and our extensive history of working with industry, means we can provide the most appropriate solutions to customers in a range of industries. We work closely with businesses to unlock the potential of new science and technology and provide operational and consulting solutions to industry challenges.

The work we do contributes to delivering Government priorities for industry, helping to safeguard critical national infrastructure and improve the economic and social prosperity of the UK.

Our supercomputer performs up to 1,200 trillion calculations per second and is amongst the most powerful systems in the world.

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Our services for industry at a glance

  • Construction

    Helping you reduce the impact of weather events, and supporting building projects from project planning to project delivery and analysis.

  • Energy

    Working with you to support safe and efficient operations around critical infrastructure, and plan for extreme weather impacts and climate change adaptation.

  • Event management

    Weather information and on-site meteorologist support to help you plan and run events efficiently and safely.

  • Media

    Guidance, visualisation, data and forecasts for UK and international broadcast media

  • Retail

    Weather solutions for retailers and suppliers, helping reduce the impact of weather events on the whole supply chain.

  • Water

    Services that help to minimise the impact of extreme weather events on operations and manage future risks associated with climate change.

  • Legal and insurance

    Helping you support or disprove claims when weather is invoked.

  • Agriculture

    Meteorological services for the whole agriculture value chain to help maximise production whilst complying with environmental standards.

  • Mining

    Weather consultancy and research that add real value to every phase of mining from planning and design to closure and site restoration

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