Composite graphic of the earth globe and 4 different types of extreme weather in the UK - drought in a cornfield; boat rescue teams during a flood; a street covered in heavy snow; and stormy seas.

Managing weather related risk and opportunities

Helping Government and industry to protect lives, infrastructure and the natural world

Understanding the challenges presented by weather and climate is key to our service development. Applying our forecasting and science expertise to these challenges has generated a wide range of relevant and useful research and operational services and a comprehensive data portfolio, all supported by teams of experienced scientists, meteorologists and researchers.

Our weather and climate services inform policy development, operational decision-making and long-term planning across a variety of industries and government departments helping them to operate safely, efficiently and successfully and so enabling economic growth and prosperity.

  • Government

    Hazard and risk management services for emergency responders

    Evidence and expertise to help with policy development

  • Transport

    Solutions for the transport industry: aviation, marine, and surface transport

    Supporting safety and efficiency

  • Industry

    Operational services designed to manage industry weather risks and opportunities

  • Data

    A comprehensive portfolio of accurate and reliable weather and climate data

  • Research and consulting

    Advice and solutions from internationally recognised, world-leading weather and climate experts

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Did you know?

According to the latest public weather survey, we are the top operational provider in the world for accuracy.

A two-degree drop in minimum temperature can see sales increase by over 6%.

Why choose services from the Met Office

  • Proud of our high standards, we have an open and transparent policy on how well our public weather forecasts are performing: 82% of the public trust us to provide weather and climate services.
  • We are recognised as one of the world's most accurate forecasters, using more than 10 million weather observations a day, an advanced atmospheric model and a high-performance supercomputer to create 3,000 tailored forecasts and briefings a day.
  • Internationally recognised for our climate science and acknowledged by our peers for advancement in weather and climate science.
  • We work with organisations around the world providing vital services; advancing global understanding through research and participating in collaborations.
  • We are a responsible business and are committed to meeting our objectives in a sustainable way. Find out more about our sustainable business practices including our ISO14001 certified Environmental Management System, our achievement of the Wildlife Trusts’ Biodiversity Benchmark and our Science Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) outreach programme.