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Event management - meteorological services

Weather variability is one of the toughest challenges when planning a concert, a festival, a sporting fixture or a mass participation sporting event like a marathon or a championship.

Ensuring your event is weather-resilient helps protect organisers, participants and fans financially; it also reduces health and safety risks and limits negative PR due to last-minute cancellations.

Our meteorological services are designed to help you plan successfully around the weather. We can assist you with efficient planning, operational management, and risk assessment.

Our services for event management at a glance:

  • VisualEyes™

    Our web-based forecast and monitoring tool helps you visualise many weather parameters including temperatures, precipitation and wind. It has several maps and weather views with bespoke thresholds to inform operational and health and safety planning.

  • Site-specific forecasts up to seven days ahead

    Receive forecasts up to seven days ahead with hourly granularity, delivered as a one-page PDF. They can include threshold colour-coded alerts to help with operational decision-making.

  • On-site operational meteorologist

    Hire an on-site forecaster to stay ahead of the weather, this is an ideal solution for high-profile events.

  • MetInsight®

    Engage in a web conference with an operational meteorologist, designed to address a variety of stakeholders simultaneously.

  • Talk To a Forecaster

    Ring a meteorologist about any aspect of the weather anywhere in the UK, up to 5 days ahead.

  • Consultancy

    Weather analytics for site and date selection; planning demand and resource allocation. We can help you answer important questions such as:
    ‘Weather-wise, what is the best location for my event in this region?’
    'Should I consider moving the date of the event for the best chance of optimal weather conditions?
    ‘How many people will attend if it rains or if it's wetter, hotter or colder than usual for the season?
    ‘What type of stage or ground surface will I need to guarantee the safety of participants, athletes and performers?’

    Risk assessment to avoid last-minute cancellations and guidance on how to mitigate cancellations if your event has been cancelled or postponed because of the weather. i.e. advice to Safety Advisory Groups (SAG), event organisers, referees.

    Performance analytics for athletes and sport coaches - We combine athlete performance data with weather data to identify areas of improvement.

Speak to our team 0370 900 0100 or email us at events@metoffice.gov.uk.

How the weather affects Wimbledon
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Planning for the Open Championship and the weather
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Why choose the Met Office?

  • The UK’s official weather service and global forecast centre
  • Meteorological provider to many high-profile sporting events, including the 2012 London Olympics
  • World-leading science
  • 24/7 support, 365 days a year
  • Reliable and flexible forecasting capability
  • Key contributor to understanding climate change

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