2 images side by side, one of heavy industrial plants covered in snow, the other showing flying hot air balloons.

Weather and climate consulting

Weather and climate related impacts are identified by global industry leaders as the most significant risks to their businesses (World Economic Forum – 2018 Global Risk Report). Our consultants work with you to understand how these weather and climate impacts affect your business or industry.

With extensive experience of working with multiple industries and with access to the Met Office’s weather and climate expertise, we interpret and provide solutions across a broad spectrum of challenges. These solutions will help you manage the risks and realise the opportunities associated with: day to day weather, extreme events and future climate conditions.

From supporting day to day decision making to informing long term business planning

Whether you require help to operate safely and efficiently or need to solve a more complex challenge we can provide clear independent information, expert recommendations and develop operational solutions. Our expertise includes:

  • Extreme weather events - helping industry to understand and manage the changing risks associated with high impact weather.
  • Climate change adaptation planning – advising you on applying the latest climate projections (such as UKCP18) to inform long term strategy, regulatory requirements and adaptation reporting.
  • Weather analytics – interpreting your data, and weather and climate information to develop operational solutions for business insight and applications including demand management.
  • Resilient and efficient infrastructure – providing services to support: policy decision making, design, build, operation, and decommissioning of large infrastructure projects.
  • Digital Transformation – providing advice and creating new industry specific data to maximise the benefits of digital transformation.

Speak to our team 0370 900 0100 or email us at industryscience@metoffice.gov.uk.

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