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Research and consulting - weather and climate

Access weather and climate experts for specialist services

Weather and climate risks are widely recognised by global business and Government leaders. Extreme weather events impacted over £60m people globally last year (United National Office for Disaster Risk Reduction).

Climate change impacts lives, infrastructure, economic and business performance globally, leading to an increased need for meteorological research and consultancy.

Our experts can help with:

  • Addressing industry challenges - our applied industry scientists provide advice for a range of industry sectors, to help you solve weather- and climate-related issues
  • Climate services - technical and non-technical assistance to governments, climate services providers and climate sensitive communities
  • Developing new weather and climate capability by participating in international research and capacity development programmes
  • Operational advice - access a meteorologist for scheduled briefings or have them work in your team or organisation

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Why choose the Met Office

  • Centre of excellence for weather and climate science

    World leader in advancing weather and climate science, we attract talent from around the globe.

  • Internationally recognised applied meteorology

    Acknowledged by the meteorological and science community for our skill at turning science into operational services.

  • Partnerships across the globe to support weather and climate research

    We are involved in international scientific research programmes.

  • Leadership within global climate projections

    Our scientists are major contributors to climate projections, they shape the development of global and regional climate services, including designing and developing the Global Framework for Climate Services.

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