A lightning bolt strikes near cranes on a building site during a night storm

Our impact

Alongside the provision of the Public Weather Service (PWS), whose meteorological, climatological and associated services form the basis of the majority of our outputs, we are also accountable for delivering:

  • The National Severe Weather Warning Service, advance warnings of critical weather events to help keep people safe
  • Specialist forecasts and advice to the UK defence sector, aiding planning for exercises and operations
  • Support for UK civil contingencies, advising central Government and local resilience groups to improve resilience
  • Seasonal advice and warnings such as pollen, pollution, and UV forecasts helping individuals make better decisions for themselves and others
  • Regulatory weather information for the UK aviation sector to contribute to the safe and efficient running of the sector
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation advice and support to Government, key national infrastructure providers, industry, and other organisations, to help adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change
  • A space weather centre working with international partners to develop accurate space weather forecasts
  • Provision of open and bespoke data, forecasts and other services to government, commercial and private users

Measuring success

Much of what we do is difficult to measure in terms of its quantifiable impact. We therefore periodically commission independent reports to measure the socio-economic value driven from the funding we receive to ensure we can demonstrate profitability.