Maintenance crew de-ices a plane on the tarmac of an airport.

Aviation commercial services

Weather is one of the greatest hazards and disrupting factors to aviation. Making accurate and timely decisions is crucial to keep to schedules, maintain safety, achieve operational efficiency and save costs.

We advise all sectors of aviation - airlines, airports, air traffic control, ground handling, airport construction and maintenance.

OpenRunway® - award-winning weather-briefing platform for airports and airlines worldwide

OpenRunway® is an online, site-specific weather forecasting platform to help minimise disruption to passengers and save costs.

Developed with the specific needs of airlines and airports in mind, it was awarded “Best Service Provider 2016” by the Airport Operators Association (AOA).

It uses the most accurate weather data and observations to help you plan with confidence:

  • the treatment of runways
  • opening runways during marginal weather
  • de-icing operations and holdover times

Key features

  • Map visualisation of forthcoming weather with satellite and weather radar overlays
  • Colour-coded, hour-by-hour summary for the next 24 hours detailing current weather and forecast specific to your airport
  • Option to integrate weather data from runway sensors
  • Ability to set bespoke thresholds
  • Map visualisation of aerodrome warnings in the UK
  • Responsive design – accessible from mobile and tablet devices
  • 24/7 technical support
  • 24/7 meteorologist support

Optional features

  • Five-day aircraft de-icing outlook and alerts to ground staff
  • 0-5 day and 6-10 day forecast outlook available in PDF

Check the OpenRunway® user guide.

"The Met Office de-icing service has a direct impact on our operational efficiency. One unnecessary night of de-icing can cost in excess of €5000, so it's crucial to have access to accurate forecasts that help us to minimise costs and plan our resources effectively."

John Fields, Line Maintenance Manager at Aer Lingus

MetInsight® for airlines

MetInsight® is a remote, bespoke weather briefing service delivered by our meteorologists. It allows airline staff to gain an understanding of any potential weather disruption to your network, reduce its impact and plan more efficiently.

  • Individual weather briefing tailored to your network destinations or requirement
  • A tailored outlook for your network for up to four days ahead
  • Specialist weather briefing pack that can be circulated to all relevant departments within your organisation
  • Clarification of any areas of uncertainty

Take a look at our case studies

Titan Airways

Thomson Airways

On-site meteorologists – worldwide, tailored support for airports, airlines and air traffic control

Our operational meteorologists work side by side with your teams to:

  • facilitate proactive decision-making
  • provide hazardous weather warnings
  • improve operational safety and efficiency through contingency planning
  • reduce costs from operational downtime
  • refine customer communication around weather events

"The weather has a huge effect on Heathrow's operations. Having a better understanding of it helps us make informed decisions for all departures and arrivals. We wanted a partner who could tell us the things 'we didn't know we didn't know'. What we now have is a very good partnership with people who are not just hungry for knowledge - they're dedicated to continuous improvement."

Heathrow's Winter Operations Manager


We have over 90 years of experience in the aviation industry. Our team of world-leading scientists deliver consultancy for:

  • assessing the deployment of meteorological equipment
  • climatology studies solving a specific business issue caused by weather i.e. appropriate times to launch specialist aircraft
  • regional pressure settings
  • height monitoring assessments
  • incident investigation reports
  • helping you understand and prepare for the impact of climate change

Aviation training

As leaders in aviation meteorology, the Met Office College delivers a wide range of training courses from our excellent facilities in Exeter, Belfast, or at a site convenient to you.


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