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Defence Applications

Applying the scientific and forecasting capability of the Met Office for the benefit of the UK armed forces.

The Defence Applications team specialises in the research and development of impact-focused meteorological advice to the UK armed forces. It draws upon the wider research and forecasting capability of Met Office science and combines this with knowledge of defence requirements. The Defence Applications team ensures that the best use is made of meteorological capability for the defence customer through improved scope, accuracy, representativity and timeliness of products.

Key aims

  • To improve the capability, accuracy and application of the Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) data on which military advice is based.
  • To improve and develop the accuracy¬†of Tactical Decision Aids to provide impact focused advice.
  • To provide consultancy to organisations within the defence sector to aid understanding of meteorological impacts on operational activities.

Current and recent work

  • Night Illumination: Development and assessment of improvements to predictions of night illumination levels.
  • Detect and recognise: Development of a detect and recognise capable tactical decision aid for infrared targeting.
  • Boundary-Layer: Assessment of the impact of improved atmospheric boundary layer structure on radar propagation.
  • High-resolution NWP: Application of high resolution NWP models specifically for radar propagation advice.
  • Visualisation: Delivery of existing tactical decision aid advice through the new forecast visualisation capability.

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