Values at the heart of what we do

Our values were created by our employees, and they truly represent what is important to all of us. They are a unique expression of our Met Office personality, and they are embedded into everything we do.

We're a force for good

Our planet matters. The time is now, and we’re the people to make a difference. That’s why we’re serious about our environmental and social impact

We demonstrate we’re a force for good by helping people make better decisions to live and work safely and productively, and by contributing to world understanding of climate change. And we always look for ways to reduce our impact on the planet and become more sustainable.

We show this value by:

  • actively making decisions to reduce our impact on the environment whether that is through sustainable travel policies, recycling or our Environmental Management System
  • acting in a way that makes a positive difference in our community including our outreach and STEM activities
  • encouraging new ways to make a positive difference in the world including supporting biodiversity and raising awareness of actions people can take to build resilience to severe weather and mitigate the impacts of climate change

We're experts by nature

It’s in our nature to be curious, always learning and developing to do things better. We trust in one-another and take pride in being the best in our field, sharing our knowledge with others. 

Our people span a range of disciplines including weather forecasting and observations, climate science, technology and IT, engineering, customer and stakeholder management, and corporate services. They come from different professional and personal backgrounds – but all want to help us make a difference.

We show this value by:

  • Being consistently in the top two forecast providers and as a world leading National Met Service.
  • Working with or advising governments, emergency responders and businesses around the UK to help them make better decisions to stay safe and thrive.
  • Our status as a Category 2 Responder recognises the essential role we play at times of severe weather and during related emergencies across the UK
  • Being recognised for our contributions to the climate debate

We live and breathe it 

Helping people make better decisions to stay safe and thrive is what we live for. Their lives guide our decisions and their trust guides our actions.  

We show genuine passion for what we do, put our purpose at the heart of all decision making, and take great pride in the impact we make on people's lives every day. We consider customers and employees needs first, and always act with integrity.

We're better together

Great minds don’t always think alike. And we like it that way. We believe partnerships, inclusivity and honesty make us far greater than the sum of our parts.

We stand together; we listen, respect and support one another. We consider all perspectives, and value working in partnership with others and seek opportunities to do so. We have a corporate charity who we support and partner with on campaigns and projects. And we work with many others in the UK and around the world - from our Unified Model Partnership to partnerships with Academia and life-saving partnerships - to help us achieve our purpose. 

We keep evolving

When we’re not looking up, we look ahead. Forecasting the future is one thing; creating it is another. We push the boundaries to make tomorrow better for our customers.

We don't stand still; we adapt and we push ourselves to achieve more. We think about what our customers need today and tomorrow, and we always look for ways to operate better. We aren’t afraid to fail, and always learn if we do.

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A graphic listing the 5 Met Office values: We're a force for good, We're experts by nature, We live and breathe it, We're better together and We keep evolving

This is a graphic summary of the Met Office values and what they mean, as outlined in the sections above.

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