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Post processing applications

Site-specific forecasts for wind farms help energy companies to estimate power output

Delivering scientific solutions for new product developments as we grow our commercial product portfolio.

The Post processing applications team is focused on working with the commercial business groups to develop the best possible products by exploiting our scientific expertise. The team works primarily with the Utilities, Retail, Offshore, Road and Rail businesses to provide science solutions for product developments.

Key Aims

  • To use scientific expertise to add value to model output and provide new products for customers.
  • To develop new techniques and exploit new technologies to improve the accuracy of current products.
  • To be customer focused: listening to customer requirements and being prepared to work with customers in-situ to understand their operational environment.
  • To pro-actively promote science capabilities back to customers to describe what is possible for new product features.

 Current Projects

  • Forecast accuracy: Improving the accuracy of forecasts that are critical to customers such as utilities companies.
  • Site-specific forecasting: Developing techniques for producing site-specific forecasts from gridded data.
  • Road surface temperature modelling: Developing the Transport Weather Manager and OpenRunway products.
  • Forecasting for the Energy sector:  Providing data-feeds for products such as VisualEyes and delivering data directly to customers.
  • Retail Forecasts: Providing forecasts to retail customers along with historic data to allow them to identify the weather sensitivities behind trends.
  • Offshore Sector: Providing data to support offshore products.
  • Statistical Corrections: Developing statistical methods to improve customer forecasts.
  • Ensembles: Incorporating probabilistic data into commercial products.

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