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Solutions for the water industry

We work with you to transform weather and climate data into relevant and consumable business management information.

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Meet our scientific consultants to the water industry:

Malcolm Lee

Katie Chowienczyk

Justin Krijnen

Jill Dixon

Working with the water industry

Working closely with the water industry, we have developed a range of services to meet specific clean and waste water needs:

  • Providing weather data
  • Planning solutions, products to assist with operations and reporting
  • Consultancy to assist with the various stages of your weather and climate service requirements

Case studies

Learn about our tailored hazard forecast for Wessex Water to assist their clean water and waste operations.

Learn about how our demand weather intelligence model helped Affinity Water understand their customer water usage.

Why choose the Met Office for water resource management and planning?

  • Improved business performance and asset optimisation
  • Reduce operational expenditure through improved planning, resulting from better weather-related intelligence
  • Increased ability to meet and exceed regulatory targets
  • Deliver increased value to your shareholders through exceeding customer and regulatory expectations
  • Improved ability to predict demand and output on a weekly, monthly and seasonal basis
  • Manage energy costs, maintenance and staffing schedules more effectively through accurate and timely forecasts
  • Better manage future risks associated with the impacts of climate change
  • Rely on our industry expertise and experience

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