A view of the Met Office roof, looking directly up from the front of the building

Management of the Met Office

We provide services to the public and the commercial sector. Our core role is to provide services to the public and deliver the UK's Public Weather Service (PWS). The PWS is the means by which we fulfil our Public ask as the UK's National Meteorological Service.

Our Owner

The ultimate responsibility and accountability for the work of the Met Office is with the Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT). Day-to-day ministerial oversight and the formal business ownership role are delegated to the Minister of State for Universities, Science, Research and Innovation. The Met Office Framework document on gov.uk sets out the broad framework within which we operate.

Our Executive

The role of our Executive is the effective day-to-day leadership, direction and management of the Met Office in order to ensure successful delivery of our aims, objectives and agreed Key Performance Indicators. It is tasked with directing the strategic change and implementing strategic decisions taken by the Met Office Board. The Executive agrees key communications and makes investment decisions. It's members work under the leadership of the Chief Executive and operate as a corporately cohesive collective with a shared interest in the successful achievement of our aims and objectives.

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Our Board

The Met Office Board is led by an independent, non-executive Chair. The Board's primary responsibility is developing the long-term strategy of the Met Office. The Board supports and challenges our Executive in order to assist it in delivering against agreed Key Performance Indicators. The Non-Executive Directors of the Board are encouraged to assist in raising external awareness of the Met Office and its work, and to build beneficial external relationships. The Board comprises the following members, including Non-Executive Directors (one of whom is the representative of the Met Office's owning department), selected members of the Met Office Executive, plus an invited attendee from the Trade Union.

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