An external view of the Met Office building at night.

About us

Right across the world, every single day, people make decisions based on the weather. We provide weather and climate forecasts to help with those decisions so people can be safe, well and prosperous.

Everything we do is based on world-leading science and enhanced by the close working relationships we have with partner organisations around the globe. We collect and make sense of massive amounts of data every day, using cutting-edge technology for the benefit of mankind - and our planet.

Trusted expertise

You might know us best as the people behind the weather forecasts that feature on TV, online and on your phone - keeping you in touch with our ever changing weather.

We are also trusted to help protect UK armed forces as they plan missions around the weather; and to keep technology safe with our space weather forecasts.

We help the UK and other economies prosper. For example, we advise energy and retail sectors of weather that might affect consumer trends. We also help airlines reduce costs, and run safely and on schedule.

And when it comes to well-being, our forecasts mean people can plan, prepare and make the most of their free time.

An international operation

Around the world - and around the clock - together with our partners, we are working hard to make accurate weather and climate advice available to all.

We co-operate with and support businesses, agencies and governments in making short and long-term decisions, making the world a safer and more resilient place tomorrow, and for the years - and decades - to come.