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UK video forecast

UK 5 day weather forecast


Cloudy start, but turning brighter with a few showers.


Skies will be largely cloudy to start, however sunny spells will develop for most by this afternoon. Showers will also bubble up through the day, perhaps with some heavy downpours in the southeast. Warm in the sunshine.


Showers will fade tonight, with clear spells developing. A few mist and fog patches are possible, particularly in the south.


Gradually turning cloudy in the far west with outbreaks drizzle at times. Staying largely dry elsewhere with some rather warm sunny spells, and perhaps the odd shower in eastern England.

Outlook for Thursday to Saturday:

Cloudy with outbreaks of rain for many on Thursday. Sunshine and scattered showers on Friday and Saturday, possibly thundery at times, particularly in the south. Warm in the sunny spells.


UK long range weather forecast

Sunny spells and showers, some of which could be heavy and thundery, are expected across many parts of the UK on Saturday, together with below average temperatures. By Sunday drier weather is likely to develop, with spells of sunshine across most parts and temperatures close to normal. It is uncertain how long this mainly dry spell will last, but into the following week a more changeable pattern will probably become established. This is likely to see showers or longer spells of rain, some of which could be heavy and thundery, interspersed with some intervals of dry, bright weather. Regional details are uncertain, but the wettest weather will probably be across northern and western areas, with the south and east drier. Temperatures will probably be close to average or slightly above.


No single weather type is expected to dominate through this period. Some spells of dry, settled weather will likely alternate with wetter, cloudier conditions at times. The wettest conditions will probably be in the northwest, with the southeast tending to be driest. Through the period as a whole, warmer than average conditions are more probable, perhaps with some short-lived hot spells.


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