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UK 5 day weather forecast


Becoming less windy with more dry weather for many.


Showers for parts of Scotland with some hill snow, mainly over the west and north Highlands. Showers continuing for western and southern coastal areas, merging into a larger area of rain in the southeast during the afternoon. Becoming less windy.


Rain, with hill snow, for Scotland, perhaps affecting Northern Ireland and northern England for a time. Persistent rain in the southeast. Between these cold with frost and some freezing fog.


Rain in southeast gradually clearing with fog over central parts gradually lifting. Showers further north dying out away from the coasts, though more persistent rain for the Northern Isles. Cold.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Freezing fog and low cloud lifting, becoming milder as strong winds and rain spread northeast on Wednesday, followed by blustery showers Thursday. Further rain and gales spread north on Friday.


UK long range weather forecast

There should be plenty of sunshine around on Friday with temperatures expected to remain above average. However, some coastal showers can be expected before winds increase from the south, accompanied by a spell of rain. Thereafter, it will turn milder and unsettled again as further bands of rain and strong winds edge in from the west. Changeable and sometimes windy conditions will probably last for the rest of the period. Most of the rain will probably be in the west with drier spells more likely in the east and southeast. Snow may occur at times in the north, mainly on high ground. There remains a chance of brief drier, colder interludes, with an increased risk of frost and fog.


Confidence is low throughout this period. Changeable and sometimes windy conditions seem more likely through late December, with the wetter weather in the west and longer drier spells in the east. By the time we go into January, longer spells of more widely dry, quiet and bright weather are possible, especially for southern and central areas, with the northwest more likely to remain unsettled. Temperatures should be near to or somewhat above average overall, but with the usual day to day variations. However in quieter spells, it is likely to be colder generally, with an increased risk of frost and fog.


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