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UK 5 day weather forecast


Wet and blustery night to come for some.

This Evening and Tonight:

Rain clearing Scotland but lingering across northern England and Wales, heavy at times. Showers following to northwestern areas. Staying dry in the south and east. Milder than last night. Breezy.


A band of occasional rain and drizzle slowly edging southeast across England and Wales. Dry, cloudy and rather warm ahead of this with sunny spells and blustery showers elsewhere.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

Staying changeable with spells of rain or showers, most frequent and heaviest in the north. Often windy, especially in the north and west. Mild and feeling warm in any sunshine.


UK long range weather forecast

Thursday is likely to see some rain or showers in the northwest, along with some stronger winds, while southeastern areas remain dry. Over the following few days, a northwest-southeast split is likely to continue. Where this split lies, however, is more uncertain than usual. Northwestern areas are most prone to further rain, while further southeast drier weather is more likely, with some early morning mist and fog patches possible here. Away from the northwest, there is potential for temperatures to become notably warm by day. Beyond this, conditions are likely to trend more widely unsettled for a time, with the wettest and windiest conditions likely towards the northwest. Temperatures are likely to trend downwards and feel cooler than earlier in the period, although remain near or above the seasonal average.


Changeable conditions at the start of this period may give way to a more slowly evolving weather pattern later in October. This would result in some drier, settled spells, especially towards the northwest. Some wet weather is still possible at times, most likely in the south where some spots may be wetter than usual. Temperatures are more likely to be above average than below average overall, which means that by day conditions will often feel quite pleasant in sunshine. Chilly nights are to be expected during more settled periods, bringing a risk of frost and also a chance of mist and fog patches which could be quite slow to clear from some spots.


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