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UK 5 day weather forecast


Wet and windy in the south, drier and brighter elsewhere.


Fog and frost clearing to leave areas with sunny spells and a few showers. However, wet and windy weather in the southwest will gradually spread to other southern areas. Feeling cold underneath the rain, though pleasant in any sunshine.


Rain in the south gradually clearing most, though lingering in the far southeast. Mostly dry elsewhere with some coastal showers. Turning chilly with a patchy frost mainly in the north.


Largely dry with sunny spells and a few showers, these mostly in the northeast. Rain and stronger winds in the southeast slowly easing through the day. Temperatures around average.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Rain spreading southeast on Tuesday, then brighter with showers in the north. Dry start on Wednesday with further rain arriving from the west, turning heavy at times through Thursday.


UK long range weather forecast

It will become cooler and more unsettled from Friday and through the weekend with temperatures a little below average. Areas of showers sometimes banding together for longer spells of rain, this heavy at times and likely to turn wintry, even a lower levels and some snow accumulations are likely over higher ground, particularly in the west. Clearer spells overnight with some frost or fog patches developing. Into the following week, the pattern likely returning to occasional frontal systems affecting more northern and western areas with some more settled spells developing in eastern areas as settled conditions spread out from northern Europe. Remaining around average temperatures for the time of year though some short-lived colder interludes remain likely.


Increasing likelihood that a more blocked weather pattern will persist with more settled conditions most likely affecting the east with winds favouring a more south or south-westerly direction up to mid-March, bringing most rainfall across western areas and more typically drier to the east. Late in the period location of this more settled block liable to migrate over the UK possibly leading to more northerly or easterly winds, but any dip in temperatures mitigated by increasing day lengths into late March. Temperatures are likely to be near or slightly above normal overall, with occasional night frosts, but values will fluctuate as weather systems come and go.


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