Weather and climate change

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There may be weather warnings in force for the UK

UK 5 day weather forecast


Showery and windy across Scotland. Largely fine in the south.


After a rather cloudy start, many central and southern areas will be dry with sunny spells, and feeling warm at times. Windy across Scotland with heavy showers and coastal gales. Showers spreading into Northern Ireland and northern England later.


Most of the showers will fade away overnight, although some will continue across Northern Ireland, northwest England and Wales. A patchy frost where skies clear, with gales across Scotland easing.


Cloudy across parts of the west with patchy light rain. Dry and fine elsewhere with sunny spells. Feeling rather warm in the sunshine, with light winds.

Outlook for Tuesday to Thursday:

Settled for most. Often rather cloudy but with some sunshine, particularly across the south and east. Risk of overnight fog and frost. Occasionally breezy and damp across the far northwest.


UK long range weather forecast

Through the latter part of next week, high pressure will continue to dominate bringing widely settled, if at times rather cloudy weather. That said, in any sunshine it will feel pleasantly warm, especially where winds are light. Any rain is likely to be confined to the far north and northwest. As we head through next weekend and into the following week, many areas are likely to turn more unsettled. Cloudier, wetter and breezier conditions across the northwest are likely to move southeastwards at times, but tend to fragment as they do so, meaning relatively little rain for parts of the south. Brighter, showery interludes will then affect the north at times. Temperatures are likely to trend close to average, with some colder interludes possible, particularly in the north.


At the start of this period it looks most likely that we will see changeable conditions as spells of wet and windy weather spread southeastwards across the UK. The most unsettled conditions are likely to be in the northwest, with more settled weather across southeastern areas. Temperatures should be near average for most. Towards the middle of the month confidence is low; however there is a possibility that we may see a return of more widely settled and drier weather. Some wetter interludes are still possible, particularly in the northwest. It could well turn warm at times, particularly in the south.


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