Weather and climate change

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UK 5 day weather forecast


Cold and windy with wintry showers.

This Evening and Tonight:

Showers moving northeastwards across many areas, wintry in the north and west with a more persistent spell of sleet and snow across parts of Scotland. Turning icy by morning in places.


Sleet and snow clearing eastern Scotland. Another day of sunny spells and showers most of the showers in the west where some will be wintry. Windy and feeling cold.

Outlook for Wednesday to Friday:

Cold initially, showery in the west. Areas of cloud, rain, and hill snow in the north moving across the country; windy with risk of gales in the north-west. Turning mild.


UK long range weather forecast

Often windy with outbreaks of rain and showers for all areas at the start of this period, with temperatures on the mild side of the seasonal average. As we head through the first full week of February it currently looks most likely that we will see a gradual trend towards more settled conditions, particularly in the south, and there is a chance that these will extend across the whole country at times. Overnight fog and frosts are likely to accompany these more settled conditions, with light winds and temperatures probably nearer to the average for the time of year. The far north, and particularly north-west, will probably remain more changeable, or unsettled, with further spells of wind and rain.


The first part of the period is likely to trend to more anticyclonic conditions, with the associated drier and more settled weather intially in the southeast, spreading northwestwards and beginning to dominate. The north will continue to be at risk from outbreaks of rain and stronger winds at times. Overnight frosts and fog will be likely, which could be persistent at times. Temperatures around normal, and sometimes a little above. There could be large variations between night time and day time temperatures in the more settled spells, especially on the sunnier days.


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