Whilst weather warnings for rain expire late on Friday night, some lighter rain will continue to linger over east Scotland through Saturday as well as returning to east England. This is not expected to be as heavy or persistent as in recent days and so should not bring renewed impacts to these parts of the UK. For much of the rest of the UK, Saturday will be a dry and fine day 

Late on Saturday a return to wet and windy conditions is on the way, as a front moves in from the west.  

Met Office Chief Meteorologist Steven Ramsdale said: “The most impactful rain in the east of Scotland will have largely cleared on Saturday morning, leaving behind lighter, more sporadic rain.  

“Saturday looks to be largely dry and fine for many, with a lull in the stronger winds and rain before a further period of wet and windy weather arrives from the west later on Saturday and into Sunday. This then clears to blustery showers for most on Sunday but with these systems moving through rainfall totals will not be as high as in some recent events.”  

Next Week

The wet and windy weather is likely to continue next week, although precise regional details remain elusive with larger than usual uncertainty over the track and positions of individual low-pressure systems and rain bands.  

Met Office Deputy Chief Meteorologist Dan Harris said: “There’s high confidence in the overall idea of low-pressure being the driving force for our weather through the early part of next week. This will bring periods of rain, along with strong winds for some, but there is currently a higher than usual level of uncertainty in the finer details. The implication for the forecast is that it’s not yet possible to identify exactly where the heaviest rain will be.” 

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