A view over a high green ridge in the evening sun

The heart of UK weather

The Met Office is the UK’s national weather service, providing weather forecasts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are responsible for issuing National Severe Weather Warnings to warn of the potential impacts caused by severe weather.

We are a global leader in the critically important field of weather and climate science and deliver our services through exceptional scientific, technological and operational expertise. We own and maintain the UK’s weather observations network. Our supercomputer is one of the most powerful of its kind in the world and our investment in data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence will help us meet the great challenges of the future. All this is only made possible by our team of excellent people.

Numerical computer models together with guidance from our expert meteorologists, are at the heart of all our products, enabling us to provide accurate and reliable forecasts for all who are vulnerable to the effects of adverse weather and climatic conditions.  As we all know, there is always a degree of uncertainty with the weather, but by combining our world-class models with a wealth of local and empirical knowledge and a vast observations network, Met Office meteorologists are able to tailor forecasts and weather warnings to the needs of individuals and organisations.

Met Office forecasts are available via a vast range of channels including our website, app and social media accounts. You can also benefit from our exceptional science, infrastructure and data when you access forecasts provided by others.

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