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Episode 10: UK Summers... are they getting longer?


Dr Rosie Oakes chats with Climate Scientist Dan Cotterill into his latest research on the transition from UK summer to autumn. He discusses whether future weather patterns during September could be more like our seasonal summer?

Episode 9: Adaptation

What is the difference between adaptation and mitigation? In this episode we hear how scientists are helping nations and individuals adapt to a changing climate.


Episode 8: Weather extremes in Canada

In this episode Dr. Doug McNeall and Dr. Rosie Oakes talk to Armel Castellan a Meteorologist based in British Columbia who describes the extraordinary weather events that hit Canada in 2021, from extended heatwaves to heavy snow and flooding which ruined crops and damaged transport infrastructure.

Episode 7: COP26 Outcomes

In November 2021 the UK hosted climate conference COP 26. What was it like to attend COP and how might the conversations at the event translate into action? To find out, Presenter Dr. Rosie Oakes talks to Met Office Climate Correspondent Grahame Madge.

Episode 6: COP26 international expectations

Ahead of next week’s international climate event COP 26, this episode looks at how the Met Office works with partners around the world to help local populations be prepared and adapt to climate change.

Episode 5: The science behind COP

In this episode Dr. Doug McNeall and Dr. Rosie Oakes look at the climate science that underpins COP. They’re joined by Met Office Scientists Dr. Helene Hewett and Dr. Chris Jones who describe the process of compiling scientific reports and the findings of the latest report - AR6

Episode 4: A bluffer's guide to COP26

In this episode Dr. Doug McNeall and Dr. Rosie Oakes talk to Prof. Peter Stott who describes what it's like to attend a COP climate conference and talks about the hopes an ambitions for this year's event in Glasgow.

Episode 3: Climate Risk Assessment

How does a nation prepare for climate change? What is climate adaptation and mitigation and which presents the greatest challenge?

In this episode Dr. Doug McNeall and Dr. Rosie Oakes talk to Prof. Richard Betts who outlines the science and implications of the current UK Climate Risk Assessment.

Episode 2: Tipping Points

In this episode we look at climate tipping points - the mechanisms by which parts of the climate system may undergo irreversible change. Joining presenter Dr. Doug McNeall is Professor Tim Lenton, Director of the Global Systems Institute and Chair in Climate Change and Earth System Science at the University of Exeter.

Episode 1: Building a climate model

In the first episode we look at climate models. These complex representations of natural forces underpin our scientific understanding of climate, but how do you ensure you have all the pieces when trying to solve the climate puzzle? To find out, podcast presenters Dr. Doug McNeall and Annie Schultz talk to experts at the cutting edge of climate research.

Producers: Clare Nasir and Grahame Madge
Series Editor: Adrian Holloway

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