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The impact of climate change on UK seas, protecting aircraft from volcanic ash and the latest report on global temperatures. Farmers feel the effects of climate change and temperatures set to rise in Australia. Heat records continue to be broken in Australia, the latest Met Office report on global temperatures and what do we mean by seasonal forecasts? How drought conditions that have reduced Victoria Falls to a trickle in Southern Africa are related to drought conditions and forest fires in Australia. How the weather forecasts of tomorrow may be shaped by data from your mobile phone or car.and the latest WMO report on global temperatures. Snow in the Alps, temperature drop for UK and what is frost? Amateur observers and are you weather ready? Rain across the UK - where, how much and how we measure it. Amber warning for rain. This week we preview the new Aeronauts movie and learn about the Victorian scientist who inspired the film, James Glaisher. Heavy rain and flooding across the Mediterranean, the future of Arctic sea ice and UK weather for the weekend.

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