Weather Snap Podcast

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Amateur observers and are you weather ready? Rain across the UK - where, how much and how we measure it. Amber warning for rain. This week we preview the new Aeronauts movie and learn about the Victorian scientist who inspired the film, James Glaisher. Heavy rain and flooding across the Mediterranean, the future of Arctic sea ice and UK weather for the weekend. Indian monsoon set to continue, the future of weather graphics and more rain forecast for the UK. Typhoon Hagibis heads for Japan and and we hear about the future of aviation weather. Flood forecasting, ex-hurricane Lorenzo arrives in the UK and monsoon rains prove deadly in India. The latest report on global oceans and ice and new funding announced for space weather forecasting. A new report on UK climate change reveals weather patterns on a local scale and how Hurricane Humberto is set to impact conditions in Europe. Sudden stratospheric warming occurs in the southern hemisphere and what is a lee gust?

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