Weather Snap Podcast

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This week, Hurricane Sam, a Nobel Prize for climate science and the UK weather outlook for the next few days.

This week, details of Cyclonic Storm Gulab currently affecting India and Pakistan, the weather stats for September and the WISER project which is helping develop weather and climate knowledge in East Africa.

This week, tornadoes in Europe, launch of the Weather Ready campaign and a quick guide to the COP26 climate event.

This week, how the Atlantic hurricane and Pacific typhoon seasons differ and what is the meaning of the phrase Indian Summer?

This week's episode looks at the aftermath of Tropical Storm Ida, how climate change is affetcing our tree population and the life and work of founding ecologist and phenologist Gilbert White.

The latest on global hurricanes, early stats on UK summer weather and we hear how habitat and wildlife is responding to climate change.
 Met Office heat warnings and a conversation with Devon Wildlife Trust's Harry Barton

This week we hear about the conditions that have created the sever floods currently affecting Central Europe.

Air masses that shape our weather and the secret weather observations gathered by wartime resistance fighters

Heatwaves in Canada and Northern USA and what the Wimbledon tennis tournament could look like weather wise in 2059.

The changing nature of UK energy demand and supply following Covid lockdown

The interaction between thunderstorms and pollen and why we get lightning storms in the middle of summer

Monsoon begins on the Indian subcontinent and an explanation of Shamal Wind

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