Weather Snap Podcast

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Thunderstorm warnings in the UK, extreme heat in Alaska and what is a supercell? New heat records set in France, old weather records shed light on climate change and what is St.Elmo's Fire? European heatwave, hot weather for the UK and Glastonbury Festival expecting extensive heat and sun. Flooding in Lincolnshire and Met Office at the Glastonbury Festival. Hurricane season begins, the Asian monsoon season is late and warm weather heads towards the UK. Understanding lightning in India, tornadoes in the US and UK Bank Holiday weather. A record week for UK solar energy and a guide to staying safe when UV levels are high. Intense heat builds across the Indian subcontinent, different frost types and a look at the UK weather highs and lows. Cyclone Fani moves towards India and Bangladesh and stormy conditions ahead for the Mediterranean. Dust from the Sahara Desert arrives in Europe, pollen forecasting and the UK weather outlook. Exceptional Easter conditions, Lyrid meteors and space weather. Tornadoes in Bangladesh, Surfers Against Sewage and snow still possible for parts of the UK. April showers – fact or fiction, March – for some the wettest on record and air mass explained.

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