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After news of the heavy snow in Greece last week, in this episode of the Weather Snap audio only podcast we hear how snow is currently affecting countries as far apart as Turkey, Iraq and the United States.


  In this episode, how shockwaves from the Tonga volcanic eruption were recorded around the globe and how heavy snow this weekend will impact the Greek mainland and islands.


In this episode we hear about a new Met Office project to improve weather forecasts in towns and cities and how the climate phenomenon known as La Niña will reduce carbon dioxide emissions in 2022.


This week, with all the speculation about snow at Christmas we hear how a UK White Christmas is defined and how many we’ve officially had over the last few decades. We also hear about retirement of the first European weather satellite.


In this episode, details the devastating tornados that have hit the USA recently and how climate change is affecting parts of the UK in different ways.


This week we hear about the forecasts and safety advice the Met Office provides for individual UK mountains and hills and we have details of an online conference happening next week which explores how Ai can help us achieve Net Zero targets.

This week we hear about the new Met Office Climate Dashboard which allows users to examine the latest climate data and statistics for themselves. We also have details of the extreme weather events happening in Europe and Canada, plus the UK outlook for the next few days and weather records for last week.

As Storm Arwen is named, Clare Nasir has more details of potential impacts that may be caused by high winds, freezing temperatures and snowfall where it occurs. With speakers Met Office Chief Forecaster Dan Suri and Deputy Chief Forecaster Dan Rudman.

In this podcast we hear a first hand account of devastating floods in Canada, the weather mechanism which may bring snow to parts the UK and how Met Office science is being used in the world of Minecraft.

In this week’s podcast medicanes once again threaten southern Europe, a grand scientific project releasing carbon dioxide into the Amazon rainforest and climate change poetry with Elvis McGonagall of the Hot Poets project.

In this week’s podcast we hear about the role of science in tackling climate change, the impacts of climate change on Chile and the meaning of the phrase Pembrokeshire Dangler!

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