For the first time in 15 years, an extended on-site Met Office team will also be responsible, and have the oversight of the airfield observations. These observations are crucial in ensuring that the very latest information about the prevailing weather conditions is at the centre of the weather forecasts for Heathrow.

This will ultimately ensure that key Heathrow stakeholders such as Air Traffic Control (ATC) and airlines, are kept fully informed of the real-time weather at the airport, and in doing so help ensure operational safety.

As well as routine local reports, the Met Office will also produce non-routine reports when significant weather changes occur between scheduled updates.

Jonathan Dutton, Head of Aviation of the Met Office, said: “We are delighted to continue and expand our work with Heathrow Airport. We look forward to working in partnership with Heathrow and the wider airport community to bring developments in Met Office weather science and forecast advice to help Heathrow plan and optimise the operation in any weather event.”

Craig Oxby, Head of Airport Operations and Resilience at Heathrow said:  “Heathrow has led the way in the UK, with onsite meteorologists providing dedicated forecasts. The Met Office has become a key part of our operation, giving us the latest weather information which enables us to keep one of the world’s busiest airports running smoothly. We look forward to continuing this essential partnership and delivering a safe and timely service for our passengers.”

Aviation is an industry that is significantly impacted by not only severe weather but also everyday weather, in relation to both safety and efficiency. Making correct and timely decisions are important to keeping to schedules and maintaining safety.