The weather for Windsor on Saturday is looking ideal for the Royal Wedding, and almost perfect for the crowds gathering to watch the carriage go past.

It’s going to be a sunny and warm late spring day with high UV, light easterly winds and temperatures rising to 21C by mid afternoon. Temperatures will fall away quite quickly again in the evening under clear skies. 

At this time of year, the sun can be very strong, so if you are planning to sit outside all day it is important to protect yourself against sunburn. Meanwhile if you suffer from hay fever, pollen levels are likely to be moderate in the Widsor area.

Around the rest of the UK, if you are attending a street party or garden party or attending a sporting events on Saturday you can expect plenty of warm sunny spells in most places, although there is the chance of some low cloud affecting coasts of southeast England and East Anglia at times. The sunshine will also mean we can expect high UV levels, so again protection from the sun would be advisable, and if you suffer from hay fever the pollen levels will be moderate. Winds will be light for most, although some parts of Scotland and Northern Ireland will be a little breezier.

You can find out the forecast for your area on Saturday using our forecast pages on Twitter and Facebook as well as using our mobile app.

Weather extremes for the Windsor area on 19 May

  • Warmest - 1952 - 26.7C
  • Coldest - 1955 - 11.7C
  • Wettest - 1960 - 16.6mm of rain

(Based on stats for Heathrow, which is the nearest observation station).

What was the weather like for previous Royal Weddings?

Prince William and and Kate Middleton (29 April 2011): warm and dry (20.3C Heathrow, 19.2C Reading) but quite cloudy. 

Prince Charles and Lady Diana (29 July 1981): dry, sunny and moderately warm (24C at Heathrow and 22.8C at Reading) with just over 10 hours of sunshine.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip (November 1947): mild, dry and cloudy (14.2C), no sunshine or rainfall recorded.

Guidance for the day

If you are going to be joining the thousands heading to Windsor for the Royal Wedding you are being urged to plan ahead: dress for the weather, pre-plan your journey, if driving book your car parking in advance, plan your refreshment. Make sure you arrive early to get a good space in the town centre or on the Long Walk.

Visitors to the Windsor town should expect to see plenty of police officers, both armed and unarmed, search dogs and the mounted police along with a broad range of visible security measures. Once you arrive in Windsor there will a screening and search points so it is important to allocate plenty of time to get through these checks.